Full name: Erikka Jean Miller

Email: rmiller@theriver.com

Nicknames: Sh*thead, Ike, Sweetness, Erikka-jean

Date of Birth: February 19, 1983

Parents: Ralph and Sue

Siblings: Hayley (12)

Place you live or have lived: Greene, NY; Binghamton, NY; Mescal, AZ

School: Sabino High School

Pets: I have too many to name. 13 or so dogs, 4 emus, 4 birds, 3 cats, 2

Job: I am a professional lazy-ass.

Hobbies: learning bass guitar, writing poetry, being online, and anything
that has to do with music...listening to it, composing it...dancing!

Best Advice: Tell people how you feel about them today, just in case there
is no tomorrow.

Words or phrases you use too much: What the crap? I dont know. Oh well.
Maybe. You smell bad at that.

Non sport game in which you excel: nintendo 64 stuff and crazy 8's  (a card

Non sport game you enjoy but don't excel at: practical jokes. I guess you
say its sort of a game but I suck at it cuz I feel too guilty to lie to

Dream car: I want a porsche boxster, but I drive a '95 camaro.

Coolest experience: Going anywhere with Rachel and meeting Adam

Scariest thing you've ever done: Went somewhere with Katie McKenzie

Fave thing to do in summer: sit on my butt and enjoy pigging out.

Fave thing to do in the winter: ummm...wear sweaters or other long clothes
of sorts.

Character traits I look for in a guy/girl: someone who his funny and I dont
have to explain my jokes to, honest, trustworthy, sincere, sensitive, nice.

Special skills or talents: Ummm...I can make a clover with my tongue, I can
roll my stomach like a wave, anything that requires flexibility (no
perverted jokes) and I can type very very fast. oh yeah...I can speak the
"B language"

What I want to be\do: journalist

Fave color: green

Fave food: anything italian...or tuna noodle casserole

Least fave food: ummmm stuff like liver I guess.

Fave vacation: Ive never been anywhere besides AZ, NY and DisneyLand. I
think I will choose NY.

Fave Subject: Newspaper or English

Fave Word: gestapo

Fav sport: baseball

Other sports: I can play basketball ok.

Least Fav Sport: running of any sort.

Fav movie: Ferris Buellers Day Off, The Breakfast Club, Labrynth, Contanct,
Waterboy, Space Balls.

Fav music group/singer: MunkyDust(of course), Pearl Jam, Marilyn Manson,
Silverchair, The Beatles, Queen and a whole lot more.

Fav. Animal: Hyacinth Macaw

Least fav animal: the ones in my house

Fave t.v. shows: Friends, that 70's show

Fave day: Thursday

Fave month: February or March

Fav holiday: St pattys or V-day

Fave part of newspaper: the ads on Sundays

Fav things to wear: my Huachuca City Mustangs Shirt. Anything that looks
like it required nothing to put together.

The thing that irritates me the most: People who I have to explain my jokes
to and never make any of their own. Liars.