Full name: Amanda Jo Perino

EMail Address: mandi@lachicamanga.net

Nicknames: Mandi, Manda Jo, JoManda, Chicamanga, ChickyMango, Mandita,
Pandita, Panda

Date of Birth: March 2nd, 1980

Parents: Jim and Pam (divorced)

Siblings: One 18 y/o sister

Place you live or have lived: Illionois (various places), and here

School: Pima

Pets: dogs, cats, lizards, birds, fish, turtles, you name it weve had it,
personally i dont have any

Job: my official title is: Customer Care Consultant for America Online Inc.

Hobbies: Art, Anime, Manga, hanging out, sleeping, reading scandalous
magazine and watching scandalous TV, music, working on the La Chica Manga
Network, working ( i guess its not a hobby but i do it all the damn time ),
and I goto raves

Best Advice: in the words of Jeff Groh: 'Hope for the best, but prepare for
thr worst'

Words or phrases you use too much: "whatever", (any various random swear
word), "JESUS CHRIST!", "word"

Words or phrases I can never use too much: (any various swear word)

Non sport game in which you excel: New Grounds.com games and SUPER PUZZLE

Non sport game you enjoy but don't excel at: Tekken, actually make that most
fighting games

Dream car: 2000 Honda Si VTech, Electron Blue with a spoiler.

Coolest experience: my first concert ever. (Goldfinger at the cage in 96) and
being in love for the first time ;)

Scariest thing you've ever done: god theres so many instances, im such a wus

Fave thing to do in summer: swim, hang out, stay out late every night and
party with my friends.

Fave thing to do in the winter: Sit inside and watch TV with friends.

Character traits I look for in a guy?: Looks, humor, humor, humor, he has to
be fun and have the inability to dump me then date his female friend he swore
he could never date.

Special skills or talents: Art and computer graphics, and im a ceritified
cake decorator.

What I want to be\do: work in the commercial graphics field, be rich, and off
the phones @ aol. Either/or would be nice.

Fave color: Blue.

Fave food: mmmm, pasta

Least fave food: beets

Fave vacation: Living in chicago for the summer with my dad.

Fave Subject: Art, FO sho, and Chemistry

Fave Word: CHRIST!

Fav sport: Video Games

Other sports: None

Least Fav Sport: All, well football, i hate it

Fav movie: Tommy Boy, Billy Madison, Domga, Fight Club, The Blair Witch
Project, Being John Malkovich, The Wedding Singer, Go

Fav music group/singer: Goldfinger, Reel Big Fish, DMX, WuTang/Method Man,
Beastie Boys, the Impossibles!!!!!!

Fav. Animal: Duck

Least fav animal: The Homeless and the Deaf

Fave t.v. shows: Tom Green and Kids in the Hall

Fave day: March 2nd

Fave month: July...ahh summer

Fav holiday: my birthday of course

Fave part of newspaper:  Uncensored personals and comics

Fav things to wear: Cute t-shirts

The thing that irritates me the most: stupid girls, stupid people in general,
but stupid girls mainly.