MunkyDust F.A.Q.
Frequently Asked Questions

    Udall Park is a local Tucson park that MunkyDust plays free shows at, and sometimes practices there too. No band, to our knowledge, has ever played there before. We play there cause we think we suck too much to play in clubs around town... however, after hearing alot of the local bands, we have since changed that idea. Udall Park has since been known for Udallpaloozas/Rocktoberfests which have been put on by Matt K of MunkyDust, Alex Porter of the Communists and Will Erickson of the former band Ear Candy. Udall is a fun place to play for free and when you play there, the band ultimately runs the show, not a club owner or other type of management.

Although I know a lot about the Mormon church, I cannot totally explain the missions. Basically, young men in the Mormon church are expected to go on two year missions away from home, and have no real contact with any of the people they left behind with the exception of written letters. While they are on their mission, they focus on bringing people into the Mormon church. They feel that the Mormon church is a true restoration of God's church (In other words the Catholic church fell from grace and is no longer the true church), and they feel that people need to read the Book of Mormon to have salvation. MunkyDust is currently on hiatus until Winter 2000/Spring 2001 because Matt C, Ryan and Brady are all on Mormon missions at this time. Matt K is NOT mormon, but is however Catholic. More info can be found at (??) or or for both sides of the coin.

   Pasta Rocket- Another local Tucson band. However they get to open for all the big acts like Homegrown, Jimmy Eat World, NOFX and other punk/alt. rock greats. Friends of Matt K and awesome guys in general. Played at Udallpalooza 2 and Rocktoberfest.

    EarCandy- A band comprised at one time of Will Erickson, Matt Frontz, Josh Parks and Matt K of MunkyDust. Due to internal tensions related to Josh Parks and Will Erickson, this band has since broken up. Will Erickson and Matt F still remain friends of MunkyDust and straight true niggas from the hood. Fellow Udall rockers that followed in the steps of MunkyDust.

     Phils Revenge- Pasta Rocket Jr... Well some say that, at least. Young Sahuaro kids that decided to add Josh Parks as their bass player. (SEE EARCANDY AND PASTA ROCKET). Bad move, however. Brad, the drummer, is a cool kid. Fellow Udall rockers as well.

    The Communists- Talented bastards that play at Udall Park alot. Led by Mr. Alex Porter, they put always put on quite the awesome show, and work the crowd like no one else. They have since retired from playing Udall Park shows, but we could definetly see them back again if the cards are played right. Friends of MunkyDust.

    Meatwagon- (See the movie Tommy Boy for a complete explanation). A term coined by Chris Farley for an ambulence. Ryan of MunkyDust wrote a song about them and called the paramedics that drive the Meatwagons "butchers". Ryan wrote this song and Unconscious before MunkyDust had formed. Meatwagon is the first MunkyDust song and our "anthem", if you will.

    The drunk bum-  A bum that came to see MunkyDust practice 2 times at Udall. He met us early in the MunkyDust careers and told us that Trent Tanner was our manager and that we needed to stick together and to listen to Trent. He also sold Ryan his knife so that he could buy liquor at Walgreens.

    Dexter Flansburgh- MunkyDust's official manager/promoter from the West Coast! WESTSIDE! He basically has the job of trying to shine sh*t, if you know what I'm saying. He takes our music and tries to get record labels to sign us but they always turn us down. Just kidding. He helps us out a lot with mental support and stuff like that in general and when MunkyDust reforms, we'll be busting caps in all ya foos!

    Erikka Miller- Brady's future wife. Fellow Sabino girl. Friend of Matt K and Brady.

    Trent Tanner- MunkyDust friend and the guy we hung out with when we wanted to use his Nintendo 64. MunkyDust guest singer as well. Younger brother of Devin Tanner, who is also a huge MunkyDust fan.

    Sarah Hatch and Nicole Nelson- MunkyDust's two biggest fans. However, Sarah leads this contest because she has attended every MunkyDust show and even the MunkyDust All-Star Show with just Matt K and Brady.

    Two 6 song tapes were put together, one recorded at Sub-Space Studios, the other at Allusion Studios. This compiled to make MunkyDust Best of: 1998-1998. The cd has not been released yet... and there is still at least 1 month to go. Most songs from the cd can be downloaded off the web page.

    Matt K- Birthdate: May of 1981. Taken by Malorie Davis
    Ryan- Birthdate: September of 1979. Available after his mission.
    Brady- Birthdate: April of 1980. Available after his mission.
    Matt C- Birthday: September of 1979. Most likely available after his mission.

(We stole this idea from the Communist's web site. Thanks, Alex.)