December 5, 1997

the drunk bum re- appeared. Clean shaved, and not intoxicated, it was like deja vu. Brady also happened to not be there that night, as happened the first night, while Trent our manager was there, which happened both times. He did pretend to leave, then re-appeared once, as he did the first time. Unfortunately for the hardcore MunkyDusters, he was not dancing around like before and singing. He DID tell Ryan his guitar was out of tune after Ryan had just tuned it, but the fact that the bum was playing it wrong made it sound that way. A good time was had by all, and the bum (drunk title dropped) had changed.

December 12, 1997

 Super Cool #1 the date occurred. Ryan drove from the middle of town all the way to Marana and back, and the entire band had dates for the night. Bowling at Brunswick and Dinner at Subway occurred. A good time was had by all.

December 15, 1997

 MunkyDust rocked out Sabino High School during lunch outside in front of the auditorium and gym. It was the last regular day of school before 1st Semester Finals.
BAD NEWS="The guy that mixed the sound had the mixing qualities of Helen Keller"-Ryan Tripp. We had a crappy camera that showed only white and gray images that barely resembled us playing. Mrs. Rodriguez kept shouting play "Wipe-Out". A good time was had by all.

GOOD NEWS=Ms. Priemesberger asked MunkyDust to play at Sabino again. MunkyDust got some recognition. Many people came to see us. MunkyDust proved that Todd Lilje's band was nothing but suck, suck, suckers. 


December 19, 1997

 Brady Willard unveiled a video with spectacular animation going along with a new Pearl Jam song and the MunkyDust song, MeatWagon.
The video was by far the best production of action figures anyone has ever seen, and the music only makes it better. Hats off to Brady for this spectacular demonstration of MunkyDust's outside talents. A good time was had by all.

December 31, 1997

A bad day was had by some. It began when Ryan drove into Trent's neighborhood with a psychotic lady watching us and we talked to Brady who happened to be visiting his house that day. TP was discussed, and the lady immediately said the police were called about this situation and they would be out to watch for TPers. (The long strain of TPings by MunkyDust and others had the police baffled.) The lady then used profanities and told us to get out of their neighborhood, not before accusing Ryan of almost hitting a baby that was in the middle of the road. After Ryan had gotten home, he crazy woman had talked to Trent's mom and said that Ryan almost hit her house. (Next on accusasations was that the Civil War was caused by the 'Dust.) After that incident was the stake dance. Matt Carpenter redeemed himself from all sell-outs by attending the dance with a fever, and doing the MunkyDust dance with the band.

Early Morning, January 2, 1998

An unknown source provided pictures of this incident. Click here to see them. One half on MunkyDust happened to be at an undisclosed location for a TP incident with a sibling of one of the two along with a friend and the girl the other band member likes plus her sister plus a dog boy. If that is too confusing, email for more information. The link also has more information about this incident. A good time was had by all there

January 3, 1998

Another spectacular video was made by the master of disaster himself, Brady Willard. The Matt's had also hung out that entire day, and Matt C. assisted in making the video. Old days of Corbett Elementary were discussed between the Matts. The video made was a clay- mation, followed by the famous MunkyDust dance, where a camera effect by Matt K made Brady disappear. After that was a human animation. It was a good night for all of MunkyDust, for a change. 


January 9, 1998

Another MunkyDust event, only without Ryan Tripp. It all started at Brady's house with Matt K, playing Grand Theft Auto and talking to Jenni Kugler about where she could find a 1964 Champagne Yellow Porsche. After looking, Trent came over for some "grub". The three, Brady, Matt K and Trent all assumed that Ryan was working at GNS that night, because he said so, according to Brady. So, after being tormented by Steve Wilker, Matt C and Sarah Hatch showed up. (See battle of who could care less). Brady's mom's vehicle was the baddest thing anyone had ever seen, and the people told Brady to turn off his automatic lights, even though he couldn't. Everyone went to Wal*Mart to generally wreak some havoc, and so it was done... After knocking down foam footballs and using every "Tickle-Me" Sesame Street product, the workers got angry. Matt K ran around to where some boxes were placed in the middle of the aisle, allowing the "HitMan" worker to yell at Matt, then kick everyone out. To hassle us, the man followed us and set off the alarm purposefully to anger everyone. After Matt K pulled his shirt up to show NO pockets, and everyone went through the "detector", they freed us; not before many a pelvic thrusts from Matt K and shouts of "Set up!", to return the favor to the "HitMan" worker of the store. A good time was had by everyone, but Ryan, who screwed around in Douglas, AZ.

January 10, 1998

An ALL-OUT 'DUST event! An all Mr. Senegal SELL-OUT EVENT! An attempt at a TPing was stopped by Mr. Senegal, but all fun was not lost! The most hilarious footage of Trent, Ryan, Matt K and Brady was made, involving a sitcom and a deaf guy, followed by two grotesque bathroom scenes, followed by "Sellout" the show, hosted by Ann Marie Tripp and Jenni Kugler, followed by a Wrinkles the stuff animal dog that talks interview with Jenni. After that, a hang-out at Wal*Mart with Matt C and his sister Amanda completed the 'Dust event, with everyone staying there until around 12:30 am. A good time was had by ALL!

January 16, 1998

Another ALL-OUT 'DUST event! Along with Ryan's and Matt C's sisters plus friends plus Mr. Senegal, someone's house got nailed! Over 140 rolls of TP were used to plaster a certain old seminary teacher's house, backyard and front. Pictures of the event will be posted here and on Jenni Kugler's page soon. A good time was had by ALL!

January 19, 1998 (MLK DAY)

Yet another all out 'Dust event. The worst day in MunkyDust history, by far. After eating breakfast with some hardcore MunkyDust fans that were so loyal, they left before the show. The show itself rocked, but right at the end, Ryan's guitar got dropped on the neck, destroying it from any further use. The guitar will be signed and placed in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, eventually. A bad time was had by all.

January 20, 1998

A beautiful event. After a much sorrow filled day, Ryan got a new piece of pride and joy, his new guitar. A Classic Les Paul, sunburst out, from orange in the center out to red on the outer edges of the guitar. What a sweet piece of equipment. Pictures will be up soon. A beautiful time was had by all.

January 21, 1998

More songs added to the web page! A tedious time was had by Matt K!

February 3, 1998

Outside MunkyDust informational update!!! Matt K was hired to Golf N Stuff after a nerve-wracking interview. After getting the job, Ryan and Devin took off to California to see the Arizona Mildcats, I mean Wildcats, beat up on some California teams. It must be especially tough with an entire team intact from the National Championship team and go into the game ranked under Stanford. Duke, Florida State and Kansas all beat Arizona this year... Anyways... We saw Duke beat Arizona... Oh yeah... Matt C went to California too. He got to go to Disneyland, and other places probably he hasn't told me yet. So, it was Matt K and Brady on Thursday and Friday. Matt K got sick and Bear Canyon lost the game to Rolling Hills because they recruited some "brothas" out of no where and they worked us. The tournament is going to be tough. Brady got hired at Golf N Stuff today, and now GNS is a MunkyDust event! A good time was had by all.

February 9, 1998

We got a freaking PA! Matt K's dad found a guy selling one, and Matt C forked out the cash! We are going to be louder than ever, and now we have the ability to get kicked out of Udall, if they say it is too loud! 3/4 of MunkyDust works at Golf N Stuff now, which is somewhat amazing that Brady and Matt K both got hired in the process of two weeks. A good time will be had by all.


A day two day update! Matt K got his license and car (BOAT) on Friday. Ryan worked Friday night, but all of the 'Dust and Sarah Hatch (soon to be honorary full member of the band), comfortably all fit in the boat and went to GNS to visit Mr. Tripp. Devin and the band did the MunkyDust dance while customers and other employees watched on. Matt K also bought YIELD that night, which made Pearl Jam and Yield a MunkyDust ALL OUT. Trent Tanner also started work at Texas T-Bone that night, congrats "Dog-Boy". Saturday marked Brady's first day of work. He, of course, had to be a cashier because he is a wuss, like I said. Matt K also almost ran over Bro. Bell in front of the "Bell Patch" while going to work. The stake dance was Saturday night, also. Ryan almost pulled a Saturday night over Xmas Break routine where he pouts all night, but the Macarena was played, and the night began. MunkyDust ended up doing our dance on the stage in the gym in front of everyone during YMCA. We got much props. A GREAT TIME WAS HAD BY ALL.

February 16-17 1998

Possibly the worst day in MunkyDust history. While trying to play "Happy Birthday" for Amy Hatch, due to a liking towards her by a certain drummer of an awesome band known as the 'Dust, Ryan broke into a huge fit of anger and kicked his guitar case while yelling obscenities. The song continued after Ryan calmed down, but then Matt K refused to play any longer. Ryan got driven home after and a fear of the band breaking up was inevitable. The same night, Trent Tanner redeemed himself as the biggest piece of crap by giving up a ticket bought for Matt K to his friend. Somehow I can't see how the fecal matter has any friends, but that's another story.
The day was redeemed the next day, though, because Matt C showed up to play the most awesome recording the Dust have ever done. The song again was Happy Birthday. Amy Hatch received the tape that Matt K held his life on a string with, and loved it. The over powering joy caused a GREAT TIME TO BE HAD BY ALL.

February 28-March 1 1998

MunkyDust went to a little place called Mt. Lemmon. The place was packed with snow. Thankfully for everyone, Trent wasn't there. Thankfully for Matt K, Amy Hatch was there! YEAH!!!!!!! Anyways... We went wicked on the mountain, sliding down many places and throwing snow on one another. Pictures should be up soon. March 1 had a really bad and a really good event for Matt K. While driving an Indy car around to park in the pit area, Matt K ran the car into a tire placed to safely bump cars away from the structure. The impact was bad enough to cause some excruciating pain of which I can still feel now. Nothing broke, though, which the X-RAY showed. Now the bad thing... Just kidding... Now the good thing... After trying to convince Ryan unsuccessfully to imitate Matt K and do something that Matt might regret, Matt decided to call up Amy Hatch for a night on the town. Unfortunately, the courage was not all there. A tape recording of Matt asked Amy out, unfortunately, not Matt himself. But, "Yes" was the answer, for Friday night, unless she has to baby-sit. A good time was had by all, excluding the knee damage from the Indy car.

March 6-7, 1998

Matt C and Matt K took out the Hatch's. Brady did nothing related to MunkyDust, and Ryan worked at GNS. The date ended up at GNS, and Matt CK and the Hatch's did "The Rock". The day before (March 6), Ryan created an awesome flyer for the MunkyDust show on MARCH 12, 2:00 PM at UDALL, under the MAIN RAMADA, and hung it up at GNS. EVERYONE GO TO THE SHOW! And that's the rest of the story... A good time was had by most.

March 10, 1998

Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down.
Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down. Mike Walbom is going down.
My heart feels like it is in my stomach, thanks to Mike Walbom. The Mike's always seem to screw things up in my life (Shipway and Walbom). We'll see what happens when Mike "Mother Fudging" Walbom goes on his mission. I'll write the bastard hate mail while making out with Amy. I wonder if I'll even have the mental capacities to play the Thursday show. Well, who knows. All I know is that something bad is going to happen between me and that elf look-a-like Walbom, and it ain't gonna be pretty. If someone would please tell him to come to the Thursday show so I can make him look like a wuss, it would be much appreciated. Thanks. -Matt K.

March 26, 1998

The second big MunkyDust show was held at Udall, March 25, 1998. The wind was blowing hard, and cymbals on the MunkyDust drum set bashed Matt K senseless. Along with a fever and sore throat, Matt K insisted that the show still go on. Everyone eventually agreed, and a sucky show was played. Few fans showed up, thankfully. Maybe they all went to Gordos with Mike Walbom, so they could be his friend, I don't know. Either way, it worked out for us. The next show is going to be with Odie, our friend band from Sabino. They have quite an edge to them, so I doubt you will hear any songs like Super Cool #1, or Kieko. It will be quite an awesome show, I give you the MD Guarantee. Until then, screw the nay-sayers, and try to be as cool as Mike Walbom and Bryan Salcido for me. An average time was had by all.


April Fools Joke or Sweet Revenge? That was the question to be answered by Matt K and Mike Walbom. While cruising in the crap mobile, belonging to Matt K, a detour was taken to the Hatch's house. While being confronted by a young Hatch boy, trash was placed into Mr. Walbom's truck. Along with Ryan and Brady, the Dust was "out like a light". After redressing into warmer clothes, the Dust returned to a bombardment of basketballs from the kids of the neighborhood. One basketball hit one of the crapmobiles windows a little too hard, and Matt K stopped the car to beat some ace. Brady saw Mike Walbom out the corner of his, and before any violence or harsh words could take place, the Dust was outta there again. So, you decide. JOKE or REVENGE?

April 4-6, 1998

On Saturday, Matt CK went to the Hatch's house to watch "Better Off Dead" and laugh at the main character because he resembled Matt Kennedy so much. Matt K says he's over Amy, but we'll have to see. Ryan set a date for recording the CD, "MUSIC FROM THE MEATWAGON". The recording will be at Sub-Space Studios and will set a true mark in MunkyDust History. Unfortunately, the day is the same day as prom, so it presents a bit of a problem. Once the tapes have been made, the price should be around 5-7 dollars and obviously more for a cd, if we make the cds. All will be informed about this at a later date, ONLY IF YOU ARE IN THE FREE MUNKYDUST FAN CLUB. A good time will be had by all.

MunkyDust played for the last time at Sabino High School for the Spring Assembly. Thanks to Mister Doug Holland for allowing us to do it, along with him we want to thank Sabino Student Council. Thanks to Ryan for showing up to school that day, even though he had something else planned with his dad. A good time was had by all

Two Day Update...
May 20, 1998
3/4 of MunkyDust graduated high school, and one of us became a senior in high school. Matt Carpenter gave an awesome valedictorian speech, which was very cool. Afterwards, the 3/4 that graduated went to a party, while the uninvited Matt K "tried to be cool, but he was too dumb. That's why graduates are Super Cool Number 1... I sat there in my room alone." I could have invited myself to the party, but I am not that "close to the 'Dust"
May 21, 1998
After a long period of hatred from the management at Golf N Stuff, Matt K was fired on a technicality. To Ted Williams, I say s*ck it. I expect no one to take all my shifts, and sell out the pieces of crap that they call management at Golf N Stuff. I again will assume my role as drummer of MunkyDust without further distractions.

May 29

Matt K went to Washington DC with his church youth group. He will be back June 9th. Have fun without me!

June 12

Hey everybody, Matt K's back. MunkyDust played a show at Udall with under 10 fans there. Kind of sad, but it was a Friday night, so it's ok to have excuses. See you next show.

July 8

MunkyDust attended a Pearl Jam show with Spacehog as the opening band. No one really like Spacehog but Matt K, but that's ok. Pearl Jam rocked everyone's world, and personally I think it was the best concert I will ever go to, unless Woodstock comes around again with a bunch of awesome bands.


Devin birthday was spent with the Dust, and a fun night was had by all. Ten Tons of Toenail Clippings opened the show (Bluesplotation minus Rick Loftus), and did a good job. They played about 6 punk songs. Many a people had showed by the time MunkyDust took the stage, and MunkyDust opened with "Keiko". The show proceeded on with such highlights as Alive, a Pearl Jam song's guitar riff was played during Mac and Cheese, Matt CK made their singing debut, Matt C with "My Pen", a song about Ryan's pen and Matt K with Hungry Like the Wolf, a song about liking the opposite sex, due to Ryan not wanting to sing it. Our not playing for a while came in on Hungry Like the Wolf when all of us forgot what part to play etc Brady also showcased his new tune, Goodbye. People at the new stuff up like spaghettios, and although Matt K's singing debut was dampened, all was good. Three strings broke all through the concert, one from each of the guitarists, Ryan, Brady and Andy Jarms. Overall, it reunited things and reminded all of us of the fun nights had a Udall. A spectacular time was had by all and Happy Birthday to Devin Tanner.

July 31

Ryan Tripp sent Matt Kennedy a letter today explaining for himself that he, Brady, and Matt C had all decided that it was time to end MunkyDust. You see, everyone but Matt K is going on a mission in two months, Brady is going next year, but is moving to Thatcher, Arizona to go to college. Ryan said that ending MunkyDust on a good note was a good idea, and I somewhat agree. So what all started 11 months ago has ended, at least for now. I wish all three fellow members of my band called MunkyDust the best in what ever they pursue. I will also not stop the belief, though, that somehow all four of us will meet up again in 2001. Sure its a long way, and a
long shot to wish for, but I gotta do it. THIS PAGE WILL CONTINUE TO BE UPDATED, STILL. Letters written to me will be shared with all that call themselves Dust fans, and I will continue to share those until we decide we will not be a band ever again. WE WILL ALWAYS BE FRIENDS, AND WILL ALWAYS HAVE OUR MEMORIES... Carry on Dust fans...
-Matt K

September 9, 1998

Hi all. Here's some crazy MunkyDust stuff for all ya all. MunkyDust celebrated it's birthday this Labor Day Weekend by re-uniting as a band for one more show.
Mr. Brady Willard, after moving to Thatcher for college, visited us for the weekend, showing up Friday night for a gathering at Mr. Trent Tanner's house. Video Games were played, etc. AKA FUN TIMES!

On Monday Morning, Labor Day itself, the LAST MunkyDust show for two years was played. Danny Arnold showed up with his camera, along with Wes Trexler, Sarah Hatch, Leo Viche and Andy Jarms. It was somewhat to say goodbye to everyone for the last show, but it was fun in a sense, too. It had been one year since we started this whole shebang .

In other news, Ryan Tripp received his mission call to England. Ryan leaves in early December, which is good to keep him around longer than we expected.

Matt Carpenter leaves September 30 for Romania, but his church sendoff will be September 20. Brady will be back in town one more time for that, too.

MunkyDust plans as of now are to regroup in 2001, which may seem like a long way away, but we all know it can, and should happen.

September 20, 1998

Today marked Matt Carpenter's farewell at his church and the 10 day countdown to his mission preparation in Utah. A very emotional day was experienced by many. Matt, as always, gave an awesome speech. We sure are going to miss him for the next two years. If anyone would like to write to Matt on his mission, since he probably can't call anyone, you can always email me, Ryan or Brady for the address in Romania. Matt will keep in contact throughout his mission hopefully, and he can share his good times with us. On another note, Brady Willard was ordained an elder with his church. The moment was pretty emotional in itself, and we were all there to share it. Who's the next one to leave? Devin Tanner. After Devin, Ryan will have his farewell in the end of November. We'd also like to wish Mason Sheffield good luck on his mission; Mason is a MunkyDust fan, and he had his farewell today. Good luck to all on their missions, although many of us don't understand them, they are a giant step in growth spiritually and mentally for a young man. DUST in 2001...

PS- Rumor has it that the two members of MunkyDust that will still be in Tucson might go into the recording studio to record some unfinished business...STAY TUNED.

October 5, 1998

Well, Matt C is experiencing snow down in Utah, as we speak. The first snow of the season, they say. Matt C left September 30 for his mission, and we all won't see him for another 2 years. At least we still have 3/4 of us in the state of Arizona. Brady Willard is supposed to be in town this weekend, if anyone cares. Sabino High School even has a little Homecoming celebration set up for him Friday night, complete with a football game and a dance. Being a band of bad luck, we OFFICIALLY decided to record in the studio on Halloween, with the three of us left (Matt K, Ryan and Brady)!! If there's enough people that want to hear it, I'm sure we'll sell it. So basically, MunkyDust really hasn't broken up yet, we just lost a member temporarily, and we are dealing with it accordingly. 2001 will be the year to regroup fully. DUST 2001.

October 28 1998

Guess what... ok. We are going into the studio AGAIN, only without Matt C. We miss the Mattster and the Bradster round this place. Ryan leaves in a little over a month, which is why we wanted to get in there so fast. We are recording all new material. Until we release it or anything though, keep watching reruns of Family Matters... but not the ones where Urkel is cool and becomes Stefan Ur-kel. Actually...don't even watch it at all.

October 31 1998... A MunkyDust Halloween

We went into Allusion Studios to record 6 more songs for our 12 song compilation, to be released on cd soon. Songs recorded were Goodbye, Elderly Woman..., Soft Rock Song, Brady's Secret Girlfriend and Parking Lot. The six just recorded are the "Sentimental LP or Album", due to content. We expect to mix in two weeks. Trent sings on Brady's Secret Girlfriend. A good time was had by ALL.


November 15

Another one of those weekends with Brady here. Unfortunately we didn't get to mixing this weekend, though. We will mix next weekend, and then the tapes will go out or the cds or something. Brady's new band side project sucks, so I hear. Matt Smith says its better than MunkyDust. Hey Matt Smith, if you're looking at this, I got something for ya. MIDDLE FINGER. Well, Brady will be here next weekend and Ryan's farewell is next weekend. Saying goodbye to friends sucks, I found out. Devin's farewell was today. Devin almost spells out Devil, in case anyone cares. Good luck, Brob. Stay in touch. In Wal*Mart on Saturday night, I took a picture of Trent with a digital camera in one of his gay poses, then wrote the word "gay" over his picture. It was great. Well, that's about all, kids. A good time will eventually be had by all again in 2001.


GET IN THE CAR! (Scottish Accent)