November 22

Ryan's farewell at his church. Soon half of MunkyDust will be in Utah, and 1/2 in Arizona. Another emotional farewell. Ryan was his usual hilarious self at certain points during his speech. I laughed at him when he said he was never on time for things, and he looked at me and smiled. Funny stuff. Sarah Hatch sang so freaking awesome, it was great. (Even though she doesn't respond to my emails because she thinks I suck at drums and singing.) Ryan leaves one week from Wednesday, so get in your emails to wish him luck at

December 2, 1998

Today Ryan Tripp left for his mission. A very sad day for MunkyDust, but he seems ready so we wish him luck. Matt Carpenter left for Romania on Monday; he's probably out right now converting. Brady is moving back to Tucson until his mission in a couple weeks; Thatcher just wasn't his thing. As long as half of the Dust is here, we're still doing ok. I should have addresses for Matt and Ryan very soon if any of you want to write them. Rumor is that me and Brady might try to play the last Sabino assembly... we shall see though. Theres a certain bass player at Sabino in a non Sabino band that we might try to snag. Keep a lookout for a musical re-union. Matt C will be back in about 680 days, Ryan has around 730. We'll keep ya posted.

MunkyDust will keep it real until 2001 when we re-unite and start selling out again.

Janurary 8, 1999

1/2 of MunkyDust showed up at Sabino for the first time in 8 months, unless you count the one time Ryan and Matt C both showed up this year for various reasons but didn't stay long. Plans are right now to have a show with Matt K, Brady, Andy Jarms and Leo Viche. Maybe even Trent Tanner will join the fun. It should be cool. Matt K has another guitar player named Ken lined up to play with 1/2 of the Dust too. Hopefully it will get done. Brady has another four songs written out, he wants to hit the studio and call the new recordings "Love Songs". Matt K has another cover he'd like to do, also, along with his cover of the Pearl Jam song, "Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town". MD lives on, in a varied state... SEE YA ALL IN 2001 when a good time shall be had by all.

January 12 1999

MunkyDust All Stars show with Kenny was played. MD All Stars includes Matt K and Brady. We played Wish you Were Here and Voodoo Child and Betterman. After that, just Matt and Brady played old MunkyDust tunes, "Goodbye" and "Super Cool #1". Ten Tons of Toenail Clippings, aka The Flashbacks and Bluesplotation, played some rocking stuff to open up the show with Matt K on drums. Members of Swivelfish showed up for some reason and an altercation almost broke out but didn't. Sentamental Album should be finished up soon. A good time was had by all.

Feburary 22, 1999

Please note the date, 2/22. Today at 2 PM, 2 members of MunkyDust went into the studio to mix their second tape. Enough 2's? We spent quite a few bucks but the Sentimental Album and Music from the Meatwagon are now both ready to be put on the cd burner. We now have 12 songs or more, depending on if we cut anything, for the upcoming cd. Names are being offered by the fan club, and if your submission to the name list is selected, you will EVENTUALLY get a MunkyDust tshirt and cd free compliments of us. A good time was had by all except for Matt K and Brady's wallets.

March 20, 1999

Matt K and Trent Tanner met Kevin Nash of the nWo in the Foothills mall today. An exchange of words between the nWo and the Dust went as follows.
Nash: Hey

Matt K: Hey Kev

(Hands shake)

Also... MunkyDust is going to be featured in the Tucson Beat, a local magazine dedicated to Tucson bands. That should increase some sales of the cd that has yet to be mass produced. A good time was had by all...

March 29, 1999

Less Than Jake show was today. Quite awesome for all. In attendance was members of Ear Candy: Will and Josh, and all of Pasta Rocket. Also, 1/2 of MunkyDust was there.
In other news, Brady Willard recieved his mission call... and the big place is... San Bernadino, California!!!

Luckily for most people, Brady isn't going very far at all. In fact, that is two hours from his current home in California. Good luck as always to Braidence Willardo.

In other news, this past weekend was the first EVER Udallpalooza. Udallpalooza was orignially a local marketing "geniusness" by yours truly, Matt K. However, Will Erickson did an excellent job taking the co-ordinator job of the event over from me and an awesome show was had. In attendance was Ear Candy and Letterbox Edition along with Matt K as guest drummer for Ear Candy. This turned out to be Letterbox Editions last show due to problems in their band including the drummer moving away and the singer has been grounded for the rest of the year. The show was held on the main stage by Udall Center which turned out to be a better location than the normal MunkyDust shows under ramadas. A good time was had by all in attendance!

April 24-25, 1999...

Matt K became a lifeguard on Saturday, thus making half of MunkyDust (along with Matt C) certified life-savers. Also, on the same day, Matt K was hired to ABCO. The final missionary farewell occured on Sunday when Brady Willard was in Tucson for his church farewell. As expected was an emotional swelling over come by all. Brady's brothers all spoke and key points included when Jeff Willard called Casey and Chad Willard "cry babies" along with when Jeff said Brady was his favorite brother because he took all the heat off of him from being the youngest. The topic of the discussion for the farewell service was about friends, and Brady gave a moving talk about his friends, including the infamous MunkyDust. Brady leaves for the Missionary Training Center in Utah on May 4, coincidentally one week before he would have to get me (Matt K) a birthday present. At the end of the summer of 1999, Matt Carpenter will be 1/2 done with his mission, leaving him only one year to go. New sound files are currently being added to the web page along with tons of new pictures... Stay tuned!!!

May 8th, 1999

Well, Brady has now been on his mission for 2 days. Today, Matt K and Trent Tanner attended the Sun and Music 101 at Breakers. Coincidentally, 3/4 of MunkyDust or nearest relatives of MunkyDust were there. Local superstars(??) Hipster Daddyo and the Handgrenades played, along with Jimmy Eat World, Peel, Tounge Dried Sun(something), Goldfinger and Phunk Junkeez. All in all, a good sunburn was had by all. In other news, I finally recieved another letter from both Ryan and Matt C from their missions. They are both doing well. Ryan says that England has a lot of Euro-Trash, and he wishes to give a shout out to Will and Mylo Erickson. He says that he is very glad Udallpalooza was finally done.

June 1999

SORRY FOR THE DELAY IN UPDATES!! Well Matt K graduated May 19, 1999. In other news, MunkyDust completely left the state of Arizona when Matt K went to New York for a wedding. On June 26, Udallpalooza occurred. In attendance was Ear Candy, Pasta Rocket, Letterbox Edition, hubris, Disgruntle and the Piz. Quite a few people enjoyed seeing the local bands out in the heat. Matt K put the show together and played drums for Ear Candy. It was quite a show. On June 29, Matt K and Trent went to see Less Than Jake, Blink 182 and Pennywise among other bands at the Warped Tour in Phoenix. After an awesome, hot show, Trent and Matt K met up with members of Less than Jake and Riverfenix and chatted a bit. Unfortunately, Trent's car got towed and we were stuck in the worst part of Phoenix until 11 PM. Luckily we found a shuttle and got out of there. The next day, another trip to Phoenix occurred to get Trent's car out of impoundment. There's your update! Now get out of here. A good time was had by all.

September 1999

The Powerman 5000 show with Fenix TX, Unwritten Law and Ph8 occurred on 9/20. In attendance was Matt K of the Dust and Mr. Trent Tanner. After Fenix TX (formerly known as Riverfenix)  played an awesome set and ripped on Powerman a lot, Unwritten Law put on an awesome show. The other two bands are not worth discussing. The MunkyDust cd is coming along very slowly. Surely, but slowly. Ryan and Devin Tanner have both been looking at the web page on their missions, enjoying the fruits of Matt K's labor. Brett Tripp, Matt K and Trent are expected to pay Brady a visit in California soon. Matt C's mission is now 1/2 over! Rejoice to all!! MunkyDust will back sooner than a fish in a toliet bowl, to coin a phrase that makes no sense. A new fan section has been added to the web page with fan bios. Feel free to join the fun. November 1999

Well not much here to report, kids. Ryan writes hardly at all, while Brady writes almost every other week, and Matt C every other month.
Ryan is almost at his halfway point of his mission.
A new band called Seanmikals is in the works... This band includes Will Erickson, Matt K and Matt Frontz. Matt F and Will are from EarCandy. This is a side project from the currently defunct MunkyDust.
A lot of people have been coming to me and asking if MunkyDust has broken up... are we still a band, etc etc.... If you guys really want to know the truth, I will give you one statement. This thing is 4 LIFE... Ryan and Brady are currently writing and or playing music at the time with the idea to use that music for the band, and Matt C talks about wanting to play his bass everyday with the band... And judging from my dreams of playing in the band again and having everyone back... that shows just how band I want it to happen again... So if you think MunkyDust is over, kaput, etc... You're wrong... Nuff said on that.... Wishing you guys a Merry Xmas, Happy Thanksgiving, and a good time had by all...

-Matt K from MunkyDust.

December 1999

Whats up Dusters? Last night was a fake Udallpalooza... The name stolen by a queer from Sabino who thought he knew what he was doing when he tried to put together a big Udall show. It sucked.

In other news, Ryan finally sent some letters... Somewhere along the way, Ryan became interested in the Beatles which was almost unheard of about a year ago. It's funny how things change. I start listening to Ryan's music, he starts listening to mine (Mine and Bradys). Brady seems to think robots are going to take over the world once the millenium hits and he writes it in every letter... Funny stuff. Matt C writes the least now cause he is some head guy down there in Romania now.

There has been talk of bringing Matt C into the non-existant band known as Seanmikals. That would make a band have three Matt's, which is a world record, I think.

Pasta Rocket released a great 6 song cd and will be playing with NOFX in Feburary!!! That will be one hell of a show. NOFX, if you didn't know, is the king of punk.

I (Matt K) will be going into the studio in Janurary or Feburary to remix Music from the Meatwagon and make our full length cd. The die-hard MunkyDust fans have been peeing their pants to get ahold of this one, but I assure you the wait will be well worth it.

Merry Christmas to all ya'all and Happy New Year (millenium)... MunkyDust returns sooner than soon! A good time will be had by all!

Feburary 2000

What up Dusters?? Nothing much here either. Just needed to do a quick update. The MunkyDust cd will be finalized once the special studio tape it was recorded on can be retrieved from Brady Willard's family. Until then we have no way to finalize making Best Of: 1998-1998 for all you great people. Until then I suggest downloading music from the web page and writing on our message board!! We expect to have Matt C back this August/September and Ryan as early even as October. Keep track of their mission time countdowns here too... Well thats enough for now! A good time shall be had by all soon!


May of 2000:

MunkyDust's cd will finally be completed on may 18, 2000 at sub space studios. no real changes will be made to the cd, except that one new song will be released that people who bought music from the meatwagon havent heard before (jenny 867-5309 cover).

Ryan returns from his mission on october 24.

Pearl jam's new cd, binaural, is released on may 16.

matt k turns 19 on may 12 (today)

no word on matt c's return yet. we are all assuming it's at the end of this summer.

expect cd's to be available by the end of may. there will probably be an order form up on the page very soon. or you can just give us the money directly.

congrats to all of the class of 2000 from the dust!

  June 2000

One month down, a couple more to go... Matt C, Ryan and Devin Tanner all are almost home from their missions. Whats a long road it has been. We've all grown, changed and become young men in the process. A little wiser, a little more mature. Enough with that though, back to some news... Sarah Hatch married Pat Dees. Nuff said. I assume this means Matt C is totally free to be with whoever he wants now. Ladies... feel free to send all love letters through me or send them directly to Matt. I finished the cd. Send me 5 bucks and I will sell it to ya. Devin Tanner recently wrote on our message board, and I spoke with Ryan over the phone a couple weeks ago. Both are doing well and ready to come back to Tucson and start wreaking havoc again. Props to Devin Tanner, like he asked for. We miss ya'all. The Warped Tour hits Phoenix on June 25. me and Mr. Trentin Tanner will be attending that show with Green Day, which happens to be one of my all time favorite bands... Tre Cool is the most awesome drummer. Much love anticipating that. There will be more music. I just spent lots of money buying microphones and fixing my drums today, so even if I dont want to be in a band anymore, I will still play just cause I have spent all this money. Well not much more to say. A good time will be had by all

July 2000

Fixing and a flossing into July with a little update for everyone... The MunkyDust cd has completed the beta stage and is now fully complete... Yes. You can still buy it off me. Devin Tanner returns early from his mission on July 29 due to injury Congrats to Devin on an excellent job on his mission though. Good to see him back. Now if we can just get Ryan, Brady and Matt C to hurt themselves and come back a little early... just kiddin. Matt K hits Mississippi by himself this Labor Day weekend to find true love. that true love goes by the name of Malorie. Props to her. (for having the ability to deal with Matt K) Malorie and Trent are the only non MunkyDust members that have our full cd. What does that tell the rest of you? Wait I got it... spend the 5 bucks and buy a copy. Devin and Dexter should be recieving their copies soon. Well not much of an update here. A good time is almost going to be had by all

May 2001

MunkyDust reunited.... Brady visited Tucson, thus finalizing his mission and reforming the band.

We expect to see him back in Tucson soon. Make sure to check out the reunion pics in the PICS section.

June 1st 2001

Much to the disappointment of female MD fans, Matt K got married today to Malorie.

A heck of a good time was had by both Matt K and Malorie. The rest of MD continues to remain single.

July 2001

Have a Cool Summer has finished recording their first demo song, "Under the Impression"

Be sure to visit to hear it.

Brady Willard has started a band with his brother Casey and friend Brett. Good luck, chunk.

And a good time was had by all.