History of Events

MunkyDust archived events... includes: The drunk bum, The Battle of Who Could Care Less, Super Cool # 1 the date, the return of MunkyDust, etc.



Frequently Asked Questions. Wonder why we play at Udall Park? Want to know what a Mormon Mission is? Want to know how to wipe yourself? (all except that last one)


Poll Results

Results of MunkyDust polls. Polls have since been retired due to lack of interest. Such polls include: Fav member of the Dust, What color is an orange? Etc.


MD in the News

Matt C and Matt K in the Sabino Newspaper, MunkyDust interview with an internet zine...


MunkyDust was formed in the summer of 1997, after Matt Kennedy left the Todd Lilje/Jon Leinwand/Jeff West band as drummer. A reluctant Kennedy joined MunkyDust after about a year of pestering from Tripp. The band's first ever playing together as a group was on August 30, 1997 with Rick Loftus' band, "Bluesplotation", including Leo Viche and Andy Jarms. (On a personal note from the author of this web page, Matt Kennedy, I would like to say that meeting Matt Carpenter and Brady Willard was like meeting a distant relative. You just don't know what to say, and you think that if you do it will make you sound like the biggest moron if you say anything wrong.) The band's history did go well before that, though. Kennedy met with Tripp in 1995 in Human Biology, but others met years earlier. Joe Smith is a sellout and Matt Carpenter went to Tucson High School for a year, selling out the band during his sophomore year, but those have little relevance, so keep reading...

Lastly, are some extra things we would like to tell you...

"Do you know what you do with the kitchen pudding? You spread it all around" -A drunk bum that came out of the woodwork near Udall Park to hear us play.

"If you catch of fire, don't look at yourself in the mirror" -Ryan, stolen from SNL's Deep Thoughts