Have a Cool Summer. The MunkyDust spinoff project... includes Matt K, Ryan and Trent Tanner. (Temporary members include Matt Carpenter and possibly others). ROCKIN' MUSIC FOR THE MASSES!!

Pasta Rocket- The best Tucson band... Period. Friends of Matt K.

Shermer High Dropouts - Matt K's side project with Will Erickson and Matt Frontz

The (late) Communists... follow the link to the new band, Ladies and Gentlemen - Fellow Udall rockers and awesome guys(and one girl) in general

Mike Hrostoski's Web Page- Matt K's jigga since 4th grade

Jason Conrad's Page- Roomate of Pasta Rocket, friend of Matt K and good guy in general. (Contains some awesome artwork!)

Super Pickle Internet Radio!!- They were playing Parking Lot (our song) at one time. Check em out

Pearl Jam- The best band of the 90's and beyond

Less Than Jake- Ska/punk. Good stizuff.

Green Day- Big influence of the Dust

Fenix TX- Awesome Punk band, friends with Blink 182

KFMA- Tucson Radio Station. Home of Danya and John Michael. Two of the dopest people in Tucson.

WWF- The World Wrestling Federation! YAH!

Blink 182- Poppy punk that little girls love now

UBL- Ultimate Band List. We got the Unconscious MP3 uploaded there. - Pearl Jam concerts, Real Audio, MP3s. (A MunkyDust fav)

Mock Brawn- Tucson record label

Email Matt K the Drummer and creator of this web page

Matt K's Web Page

Brady's Old and Non Updated Web Page (Hasn't changed in almost 4 years)