A picture of the MunkyDust creation, "Music from the Meatwagon", cassette tape

Download a picture of Danny Arnold with Yoda from Star Wars.

Download a picture of two of the vehicles used most often for transportating MunkyDust equiptment, AKA Ryan and Brady's cars. Brady owns the truck.

Download a picture of Snow, a future member of MunkyDust, except probably not

Download Trent Tanner's pic outside of Matt K's house.

Trent in front of Carls Jr. 4/99

Matt K's personal copy of MunkyDust's "The Sentimental Album"... only 2 were made

Brady and Trent messing around as usual... 4/99

Download a picture of Matt K with Leo Viche and Andy Jarms of Bluesplotation

Download a picture of Matt K's old car

Matt K and Wes Trexler, the Senior Class Student Council studs at Grad.

Matt K, Ann Marie Tripp (Ryan's sis) and Amanda Carpenter (Matt C's sis) at Graduation 99

Corey McCarthy and Erikka Miller... MunkyDust fans from the beginning

Dexter Flansburgh(MunkyDust's selfless promoter and link to the west coast music scene, and future manager) with some classmates. He's the guy in the middle.

Heres Nate Ratey... Another one of MunkyDust's #1 fans