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- MunkyDust's Poll -
Your vote was not counted because this poll was closed on 2/22/99 11:59:00 PM. Here are the final results:
If you attended a MunkyDust show, which was your favorite?

The show right before Xmas Break 97 at Sabino (2) 20%
The March 1998 show, the first at Udall (0) 0%
The windy April 1998 show (2) 20%
The Sabino Talent Show 1998 (1) 10%
Sabino's Spring Assembly 1998 (2) 20%
The June 12th night show at Udall (1) 10%
The Second to last July 27 1998 show at night, at Udall (2) 20%
The last show, Labor Day 1998 (0) 0%

10 Total Votes

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Brady was voted most popular member of MunkyDust even though the poll was rigged by his Thatcher buddies.

The most popular MunkyDust song was the Meatwagon/Unconscious compilation which combined blew every other song away... This may not be accurate due the fact that The Sentimental Album was not released yet and still hasn't been.

Kitt from Knight-Rider was voted better than the Batmobile

The color of an orange was voted as "Yes". This poll did not make sense and wasn't supposed to.

- MunkyDust's Poll -
If you could punch one member of MunkyDust in the face, who would it be?

Matt K (3)18%
Ryan (1)6%
Brady (3)18%
Matt C (1)6%
Trent (Manager/Dog Boy/Guest Singer) (9)53%

The MunkyDust Poll
Who has the best mission?

Matt C in Romania (1)6%
Ryan in England (12)75%
Brady in California (3)19%

16 Total Votes


The MunkyDust Poll
Who is having the hardest time learning the language of his mission?
Matt C and Romanian (8)50%
Ryan and English (6)38%
Brady and Spanish (2)13%

16 Total Votes

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The MunkyDust Poll
What is your favorite nickname for MunkyDust?
Punky Rust  (1)


Matt and the Mormons  (10)


The Dust  (4)


Those guys who suck  (3)


CKvintage  (1)


Dusty Monks


We can't sing  (3)


Not as good as most bands



Total Votes: 22
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